RVDRA – KVRV! KVRV! KVRV! out now on Bandcamp for pre-order!

We are very much excited for our long waited independent, obscure and hopefully irritant record label • We Don't Give A Fuck • to see the light today! Today starts the preorder of the first release: a powerful, dark, desertic and primordial EP: "KVRV! KVRV! KVRV!" by RVDRA, the new project of Marko Anzu.

Released under the sign of Aquarius ( K-11 ) the concept standing behind the Death Blues sound of RVDRA is related to the destruction of the limited boundaries of ordered creation of life.

Any of the tracks of KVRV! KVRV! KVRV! is a mantra for a vortex generating the wave of the void of the life of death.

Raising the power of the nihilistic individualism to exorcise and evocate the primitive force of rage through the most furious Inner Daimon with the aim to create a tool of shamanic magic in its most violent ritualistic form where the present is the future past.

The Son born from the womb who will generate himself within the essence of the Mother. The Creative Force, Uranus, the Black Dragon, the magnetic force of the planetary conditions which are poured out in the Nuclear Cosmos of the individual from whom electricity and primordial water gush into the Cosmos beyond the Self and into the Anticosmos. The Son who is one and two within one. Generating force of primordial Kaos as a psychoactive condition of the individual. The driver of action and force of Luciferin genesis, expressed in the act of fulfilment of the plastic material of thought, in the form of electrical conduction. Crucial atomic war in the chromosomic production of the black vortex, expressed in the cell nucleus for which the force of Kaos within the electrical current, in its form of the thunderbolt of creation, is scavenged and performed again as in an Ouroboros. An atavism in the awakening induced as the most obscure and mechanical of the zombie-like conditioned reflexes. The condition of existence for which we exist as an abyss. The Vimana of ourselves, where we become sons, as we are energy generators under will. Electricity is apt to cross the universe B in the wormhole of our unconscious, between the jaws of the Black Jackal, The Shugal. The opponent of the material habit, which is bearer of Black Light, Lapis Niger of Gnosis, the rebel that dominates in Uranus in the strength of the destructive creativity of plebeian ignorance, where fear is the seed of the eternal fight against the true Self, expressed in the condition of original sin and in the abnegation of the strength of the Self as antagonism of the false by law of nature. The revolution expressed in the evolution of the extinction of the bulwark, represented by the limit of the simple flesh, conveyed in surrender as an end in itself in the attribution of thievery of force in the expiation of the guilt to exist. The Inner Daimon, the V.I.T.R.I.O.L, Lapis Niger, Luciferian generator. A specular reflection within the darkness of the unconscious, in the desert of Seth that lies inside our remote but close identity and entities, our true eye of diamond, the end of the rainbow for which nothing is true, everything is permitted.

KVRV//KVRV//KVRV is the Totemic Hymn to the Life Of Death in the year 2Ω2Ω.

All vocals, instruments, arrangements, programming and rituals are conceived, composed, performed and recorded by Marko Anzu at KILANA studio between July 2017 and July 2018. Mixed and mastered at JUNGLE MUSIC FACTORY during March 2019 by Francesco Grammatico.

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