In an era that is witnessing the End of Times, where Quantity rules over Quality, where Humanity is nothing but a word for charities, where everything is a product and even Music has fallen into the restrictive boundaries of serial production, of “per genre” ossification, of infinite overproduction of cheap and plastic products, where the importance of time and reflection has been erased by the constant overlapping of news and stories that last no more than 24 hours, where you are the producing product who has to continuously produce contents to keep being a “good” product — we don’t give a fuck, we are not a product.

We believe in the absolute domain of Quality over Quantity, we believe in the close relationship between people where cooperation and respect are the main values, we believe that Music in particular, and Art in general, must be freed by market logic, and that works should stand up for their power and originality, not because they fit in some dead and utterly boring rule, which has been set by dreary critics who wrote those rules to generate a discipline over something that was absolutely revolutionary and undisciplined.

We believe in creative freedom, and we don’t give a fuck about genres and categorizations, which generate an infinite reproduction of always the same tunes with no sparks of life. Contemporary music is a continuous museum-like revisitation of 20th century’s music, with little or no innovation at all, even in those fields that should be experimental by election.

We are not seeking for the coming back of the “good ol’ times”: we think that we have reached the bottom end of western civilization, which has been indispensable in order to demolish the old guard, the old way of thinking, the old way of being. But now, from the ruins we live in, we shall build a new world, where Aesthetics is not distinct from Ethics, where there is absolute self-responsibility of the artists over their production, where courage, boldness, audacity and rebellion towards any kind of restriction and museum-like nostalgia of the past glories, which sooner or later bring to artistic and cultural abulia, would be essential elements of every form of art.

We want to regain Time, to be able to think and create without haste, being able to be committed to long term works with passion and dedication.

We are not interested in not offending people, we don’t do consolatory and reassuring art. We want you to think about your human condition and the world you live in, we want you to question yourself, we want you to get out of your comfort zone to explore foreign territories and dive into the darkness and irrationality of new sounds.

We are against massification and standardization, we think that “every man and every woman is a star” and that everyone shall find their true identity, including artistic identity, and their true will, and that no man and no culture are, and shall be, equal to each other, which is a blessing.

Nowadays there are no more sub-cultures or counter-cultures; everything is being absorbed in a flat mainstream which uses the same means and has the same focus: money, or in the “best” scenario, ego showcase. There is no Culture, there is just Aesthetics without Ethics. The deeper meaning is lost, the self-research, the overcome of the ego in search for the higher self thru the means of art, are abandoned. There are no more cultural correspondences, if not to show an artificial intellectualism. What we see are just marketing strategies.

In order to regain the point, the direction, the Futuristic philosophy of the exaltation of speed must be overturned, reversed. We have to join slowness, where time dilation and, hopefully, boredom, can lead us to immerse ourselves in deep thinking, in meditation about art, in calm listening to sound worlds, in detached analysis and criticism towards ourselves and the present world.

Without all this, we are not making Art, we are making Artertainment.

We reject the “fifteen minutes fame” ideology, expression of the consumer society, and we’d rather remain in the darkness than sell our souls to the Artertainment establishment.

We want to be a space for free thinkers, musicians and artists which need absolute freedom of expression, to have the possibility to be heard and to actively form a resistance against the omnipresent flattening mainstream mind.

We are everywhere and nowhere.